The Young Living business opportunity:

Young Living offers an amazing business opportunity for everyone. You don't need any prior experience just a passion for helping others and natural health. This business can work for you if you are looking for something part time to earn a little extra money, and even full time where your earning potential is unlimited. You can build your business at your own pace and from almost anywhere in the world (where you can find Young Living).

Across the world families and individuals are looking for natural solutions and ways to reduce the toxins and chemicals in their home. Young Living offers exactly that. And when we look at the top two greatest needs in the world - Wealth and Health you will see that Young Living can offer you both.

Why work with Young Living?

  • Young Living is one of the largest essential oil company and they produce the best essential oil in the world. Their oils are pure and tested to prove this.
  • Young Living provide solutions for both health and wealth and are part of an exponentially growing industry moving towards natural and toxin free solutions. The wellness industry is worth Trillions of dollars and growing rapidly.
  • Young Living have an amazing compensation plan. You earn a bonus for signing people up and the commission as they continue to get their oils
  • You can work at your pace, in your time from anywhere in the world. Most of the work is also done from home.
  • Young Living give back to communities through a number of projects and partnerships, helping impoverished communities, supporting woman post breast cancer and other projects such as the Tibetan TB project.
  • You will receive all the training and resources you need to grow your business. You are going to be part of an amazing and supportive team to help you navigate and learn about the business and the products.

How it works

Growing your business with Young Living is really easy. We share our passion for the oils and the products. You can share with your friends, family and colleagues or get creative online. You can put together kits and bundles that you feel would be best for your niche market and as people show interest you sign them up and grow your team.

We have a dynamic team of ladies who are growing together and supporting each other. We learn how to grow our business, and celebrate our successes together. You can be part of this community of women when you join the team.

Along with the support and training from me; Young Living also offer training, courses and conferences throughout the year. This is for training on new products, how to use existing products and personal growth. I have found that personal growth is a great and amazing part of this business. Discovering deeper who you are and what you are capable of achieving. Discover a deeper you as you delve into the business.

So you are ready to build a new life and be your own boss? Let's get you started.....In order to work one on one with you I would love to chat to you. I would love to get to know you, who you are, what your goals are and how I can help you through the process. Please send me an email with a little about you! We can then set up a call and get you started on your business! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.