My story

Hi everyone. My name is Laura and I am a Young Living Independent Distributor. I also work in private practice as a Lactation consultant, Birth Doula and childbirth educator helping new families through the early journey into parenting. I've been working in this industry since the birth of my first in 2008. I am not a qualified aromatherapist, But I am a mom passionate about natural solutions who has spent many hours studying essential oils (read here for full disclaimer).

I am also the proud mom of two gorgeous girls. Since I became a mom I have opted for more natural solutions. I didn't want my pure new little person exposed to toxins and chemicals. I tried a range of different thing - some worked really well and others, well (haha) I put it down to experience.

My oil journey began years ago when I started in the birth world. I used essential oils for couples during the labour process. And to be honest i can’t say I could honestly tell you if the oils worked or not. I wanted to believe as all the books said the oils made a difference but I don’t know if I can say I saw any major differences. Then I discovered Young Living and I realised that I was just using the wrong oils. And I’m really glad I found the right oils because they have changed my life and that of my family.

My eldest Jaden has battled chronic stomach pain for years. We have been to every doctor, tried all the natural remedies known to homeopaths and Chinese herbalists, went for every natural therapy known to man (apparently we skipped oils through this process though - maybe because I didn't believe they would do anything). We had her at casualty a few times where they ran bloods, did xrays, sent her for sonars and scans. Nobody could find anything physically wrong. Many of the natural therapists told me it was due to anxious thoughts which we tried to treat in many different ways. Then we were given some oils. They seemed to help ease the aches and discomfort. So we started the journey with Young Living and a process of trial and error until we finally found the oils that really worked just for her.

I personally used an oil mix to help me through seasonal changes. I'm very sensitive to all sorts of environmental allergens and I find using the oils helps get me through these times.

These are just two of the thousands of stories I could tell you where oils have helped my family. I could also share with you how they have helped my friends and their families. From sleep to easing discomfort to soothing away anxious thoughts to picking up a mood just when it is needed. I could tell you about how the one oil has changed my friends skin complexion. I am now a firm believer in oils. I know now I just needed the right ones in my life.

Young Living is also helping me build a residual income which I believe is needed now more than ever. For me this business is an amazing way to earn an income from home so that I can stay at home with my girls while they grow and change.

My aim with this website is to bring my two worlds together. I want to use this platform to help people during their new parenting journey. To give practical advice and ideas that you can use every day with your family and at the same to educate on how you can incorporate life changing oils into your daily routine. I also want to help moms build their own Young Living businesses so that they can work from home and be a part of their little ones lives more.

If you want to build an amazing income from home I would love to work with you. And along the way I would really love to get to know you too! Another interesting fact about me - I'm a little bit of an introvert but I really love meeting new people.