Essential oils are a great natural alternative to use during pregnancy and labor. Please note that not all oils are safe to use during pregnancy. Make sure the oils you are using are pure essential oils - this is why I love doTERRA. 

 Essential Oils for Pregnancy


Peppermint, Lemon and Zengest are great for easing occasional nausea. They can also be used for other digestive issues related to pregnancy such as occasional heartburn and mild indigestion. They also alleviate gas and bloating.


Lavender oil has so many uses during pregnancy. It can help to relieve breast tenderness experienced in the first trimester as your breasts begin to grow. Lavender is an incredible oil for the skin. I know many moms who have used Lavender over their belly and breasts to reduce the appearance stretch marks. Lavender also has a positive effect on your mood and can assist to relieve anxious feelings that may arise during pregnancy. Due to it's calming effects Lavender can promote a more restful night sleep.


During pregnancy it is common to experience aches and pains. Backache is very common due to the shifting of your centre of gravity as your belly grows. Some moms-to-be also experience discomfort and swelling in the legs and feet. Massaging these areas with Aromatouch can assist to ease these niggles. 

Deep Blue oil blend is lovely for soothing mild muscle aches and pains as well as tension. It can help to ease restless legs and great to rub on the lower back to ease back ache caused by your growing belly. Some moms experience leg cramps during pregnancy especially the calf muscle. Deep blue will help to provide relief.  

During pregnancy many woman face changes with their skin. The skin can become oily and develop blemishes across the face. Both Frankincense and Copaiba have been shown to be beneficial to your skin. Both of these oils can assist with reducing the oily appearance and blemishes. These oils can be used together or on their own. 

Oils for labor

Clarycalm is one of the oils I have started to use often in a birth room. It brings about feelings of Calm due to the Lavender oil and Clary sage has been shown to have a positive effect on contractions. This oil is great for the early postpartum stage. It has been shown to help balance emotions and calm hormones postpartum. Do not use during pregnancy.

Lavender diffused in the birth room can help with anxious feelings and help a labouring mom feel more relaxed. A cold compress against the lower back containing lavender can also help with support during contractions. 

Massage during labor is a lovely way to ease stress and tension. Using the Aromatouch massage oil will give these massages a super boost. Get your partner to massage across your shoulders, your neck and your lower back.

Applying Deep Blue oil to the lower back, the shoulder and the back of the neck can help to ease tension and soothe muscle aches. Dilute with fractionated coconut oil. 

Wild Orange (can also use Citrus Bliss and Elevation) is the best if you need a pick me up, an energy boost to keep you going then the citrus oils are your go to. Wild Orange oil smells like the moment your nail digs into an orange peel. It has a positive effect on mood and energy levels and just may be what you need while you labor through the night to keep you going. Wild Orange has also been shown to relieve anxious feelings. The other two Citrus Blends will have a similar effect with other positive mood enhancing benefits. 

Balance is a blend from doTERRA made from the oils of big, strong trees. This oil can help you relax and bring about feelings of courage to keep you going. This oil combines well with Wild Orange.


You can use any carrier oil for diluting the essential oils for kids although Fractionated coconut oil from doTERRA is the oil I use. I find it doesn't leave that oily greasy feel on the skin and it doesn't have a smell so it won't change the scent my oils give off. Fractionated coconut oil is slightly different from normal coconut oil as it stays liquid even in colder temperatures.