The new mom goes through so many huge changes in the early weeks. Their are hormone adjustments, learning to live with less sleep and having the new role of looking after a little person 24/7. It is an amazing time in your life but every new mom needs as much support as she can get - and oils can be used to give you some of that support and care you need.


Clary Sage is an oil that is great for the early postpartum period. It helps to balance the crazy emotions we experience in the early days of being a mom - ever heard of baby blues? Clary sage is like a baby blues tamer!. It is also really great to rub over your lower belly area to help ease the discomfort moms feel after birth - just not over a scar if you had a caesarean birth. 

Lavender is one of the best calming oils. It can help promote a better nights sleep and a more relaxing bedtime environment. It is also great for soothing breasts discomfort in the early days. Do not apply to the nipples and areola though if you are breastfeeding. 

Deep relief oil helps to soothe muscle aches and pains. Most breastfeeding moms have challenges with their back and neck with breastfeeding as they learn how to get comfortable with baby. This oil blend is great to provide relief to these areas. Many moms also battle with wrist pain in the early days as we aren't used to weight on our wrists and arm and picking up a baby can put strain on this area. Deep relief can be very soothing for this. I also have a lovely blend I make that helps me with my lower back if you want to mix something up yourself, you will find the recipe here.

Rosemary, Cedarwood and Peppermint are my go to for post-baby hair loss. Hair loss after the birth of your baby is normal but these oils definitely seems to reduce it. Be cautious if you are breastfeeding as Peppermint oil may reduce milk supply slightly, in that case rather opt to use Rosemary or Cedarwood.

Peace and Calming is a great oil blend to use in the early days to bring about feelings of, well.....peace and calm. It is an oil also known to help promote better sleep. Being a new mom can come with a new host of new feelings. New mom Guilt becomes your new best friend - Peace and calming oil blend can help reduce these anxious feelings.


Joy is an amazing blend of oils. The name pretty much says it all. Joy is known to promote a positive mood and feelings of confidence. Over the many years working with new moms I would say the "feelings of confidence" is so important. Joy can also relieve feelings of stress.


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