My top oils for kids:


Essential oils provide a natural , effective and gentle alternative for your little ones. They give you a natural solution that you can use at home to help your little one through some of the challenges they may face. Children can use oils aromatically – in a diffuser, breathing the oil straight from the bottle, in a cupped hand and spritzed into the air. This is best for uplifting their mood, helping with respiratory support, boosting the immune system and combating airborne pathogens. Applying the oil topically can ease areas of discomfort, assist with skin irritations and boost the immune system. Oils are most commonly applied to the bottom of the feet of little ones but can also be applied to target areas.

When using essential oils with kids please be aware that the oils need to be highly diluted. Oils are potent but very effective even when diluted. Some oils may need to be more diluted than others for example Oregano is classified as a “hot” oil. I would not use Oregano on little kids and i would dilute it 1 drop to 10-15ml for bigger kids. For babies the dilution rate will be much higher than for kids. For dilution rates please click here.


Individual oils:

Lavender Oil is an oil that is well known across the world. It has a reputation for it's calming effects. It is also known as the oil that helps with a peaceful nights sleep. These are two huge benefits when it comes to your little ones. Lavender can also help to soothe skin irritations and rashes. I use it on my girls for their mosquito bites and for them it brings almost instant relief. I would say Lavender is a must have for every home as it is such a gentle yet powerful oil, and also extremely versatile.


Lemon oil is one of DoTERRA's top sellers. It is a very versatile citrus oil. Lemon oil can help to relieve sinus congestion and soothe a throat discomfort. It is also an amazing oil for cleaning. You need this oil if you have little people in your home - this oil can help remove crayon from your walls, sticky residue from surfaces and apparently gum too! Lemon Oil can be used to as a cleaning product in your home to help you eliminate harmful chemicals and toxins.


Peppermint oil is one of those gems i use all the time at home for my girls. Peppermint is well known to help ease stomach upsets, bloating and gas. It can also assist with clear breathing. Peppermint has a cooling effect and can be used when your little one is feeling hotter than normal.


Frankincense is known as the King of the oils for a good reason. This oil has so many benefits. It has a very calming effect and promotes feelings of peace. It can help with skin irritations and wounds. Frankincense is also known to enhance immune function. When used with other oils it has been known to enhance the effect of other oils. For this reason alone Frankincense is in every roller bottle blend in my house.


Melaleuca also known as Tea Tree is the oil from Australia. This oil is a big germ fighter and has a positive effect on supporting the immune system. If you have little girls this oil could become your best friend due to it's ability to deter lice. It has the added benefit of promoting a healthy scalp. Melaleuca can help soothe a sore throat and protects against environmental and season threats.

Breathe is one of my absolute favourite blends from doTERRA. This little powerhouse has been a life changer in my home. I use breathe on my girls at the first sign of a blocked or runny nose. Breathe can assist to clear sinus congestion. This oil is also known to help promote a good nights sleep. It is great for seasonal changes and the challenges that come with those. I rub it on my girls at night before bed at any sign of sinus niggles.


On Guard is another very popular blend for kids. This blend helps support a healthy immune system. Amazing for seasonal changes and a must have when going back to school to boost your little ones immune system. It can be used to disinfect surfaces and toys. When diffused it can help purify the air. You can make your own hand sanitizers and hand cleansers with On Guard to use on the go with your kids.


Deep Blue is a blend of oils to help soothe muscle aches and pains. It is a lovely oil to use on kids before and after sports diluted in coconut oil. It also works really well to ease the discomfort of growing pains. My youngest, Danika, battles with growing pains in her sleep so I rub deep blue on for her just before bedtime and it makes a big difference for her.


Zengest is the digestive blend. It is a mix of essential oils shown to have a positive effect on the digestive system. Rub on your little ones belly to ease stomach discomfort and to keep nausea at bay. 

Balance and Serenity for peace and calm. Both of these oil can be used together or separately. They are blended to bring feelings of calm, to ease anxious feelings and worry. I mix them together and rub on my daughters feet before bed to help them transition from their crazy day into dream land. Both my girls are dancers and compete often and I find that these oils help to ease their nerves before going onto stage. 

You can use any carrier oil for diluting the essential oils for kids although Fractionated coconut oil from doTERRA is the oil I use. I find it doesn't leave that oily greasy feel on the skin and it doesn't have a smell so it won't change the scent my oils give off. Fractionated coconut oil is slightly different from normal coconut oil as it stays liquid even in colder temperatures.